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World Cup Football- Mexico vs. France – What a great game!

World Cup in Mexico is a very serious event.  World Cup in Tulum reflects this countries dedication to their team!  Usually it is the blues of the Caribbean Sea that get the most notice here in Tulum.  But during World Cup 2010, it is the sea of green jerseys that fill the streets and beach that is taking center stage.  Football is in the air and the games can be heard blasting from television sets all over Tulum.

Most recently Mexico played France in World Cup 2010.   It was a fantastic game in which Mexico dominated the field.  There was a lot of offense played by Mexico and some smart footwork by some amazing players.  It was a tense first half as both teams did not score during the first 45 minutes of the game.  During the second half of Mexico vs. France, Mexico pulled ahead by 2 great goals.

The first goal of Mexico vs. France was scored by Javier Hernandez in the 64th minute of the 2nd half of the game.  Hernandez comes from a World Cup family as his grandfather also played in the World Cup.  His grandson followed in his footsteps scoring a perfect shot, just as he had done in World Cup 1954.

Just as the crowd had calmed their cheers and chants for the goal scored by Hernandez, Blanco followed with another great shot.  With a long run up the field the Blanco scored a strong shot to the left side to screaming fans.  In the 79th minute Mexico had pulled their score to a strong 2-0 lead.

Now it was Mexico’s defense that had their turn to shine. Playing an amazing game, Mexico never gave France the opportunity to take back the advantage.  Continuing with a strong and hard defense, Mexico kept the lead and won the game 2-0.

All of Tulum is waiting for the next match on Tuesday against Uruguay. It promises to be a great game and you can bet the attention will be off the beach for a little while and back onto the TV screen.  Where locals and tourists alike will be cheering on the Red- White and Green!


Feliz Navidad y Feliz año Nuevo Tulum!!!

Tulum was in high style this year for the holiday season.  The remarkable changes in our little town over the last year made this holidays events better then ever. 

The new central plaza was the center stage for countless performances from talented locals.  With music, dance and  cultural activities  circulating the plaza and fair grounds, visitors to Tulum were not disappointed with the array of entertainment.   The parks remained full with children playing on all of the new playground equipment and teams played various sports with all of the sounds of the fair in the background.  The streets were alive with Christmas in Tulum.

From romantic, quiet dinners at beautiful restaurants up and down the beach to the late night traditional celebrations in the neighborhoods around pueblo- families and friends shared the holidays in a fashion perfectly befitting this small piece of paradise.  Tulum’s small open bars and clubs staged the perfect meeting point for friends to celebrate together.

The New Year’s Celebrations in Tulum had a little something for everyone.  With amazing djs and musicians able to be found at just about every fantastic place in Tulum, locals and travelers alike rang in the new year to the sounds of great beats, with tantalizing libations in their hands.

What next year’s holiday season will bring is any ones guess but it promises to be a very positive year.

Life in the Tulum Jungle

What can be said for living in the jungles of Tulum…“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a lion sleeps tonight. In the jungle, the quiet jungle, a lion sleeps tonight.” Well, maybe not as many lions but many other jungle creatures living in the jungles of Tulum. Although the beaches of Tulum are as spectacular as you could get and the colors of the Caribbean are as bright one could imagine, these are not the only amazing areas of Tulum.
More and more people are starting to see the amazing beauty that lies under the awning of the lush tropical jungles that surround Tulum. Home to some of the most amazing animal and plant species found on Earth, the flourishing setting around Tulum draws and intoxicates visitors when they come.

The cool relief from the blazing Mexican sun that can be found under this rich canopy are causing wide spread interest for people choosing where to live. Although the beach paradise is usually the first dream that people think of, one trip into the jungle is showing a whole other side of Tulum that people are falling in love with.

There are many options when considering where and how to live in the jungles of Tulum. Small pueblos such as Macario Gomez and Francisco Umay offer a community full of wonderful people and a culture that is rare and spectacular. Just a few km from the beaches of the Tulum, these pueblos offer services, schools and shops and bring all of the conveniences of Tulum into the jungle.

Eco development projects throughout the jungle allow guests to buy a piece of land and a home built with certain specifications that reflect the mission of the project. Many of these projects utilize sustainable living materials, wind and solar power, bike paths etc. while still allowing guests the luxuries that accompany modern life. These projects have grown immensely in popularity over the past few years and more and more people are seeing the beauty of living an earth friendly life. This is even easier in the natural beauty that surrounds you when you live in the jungles of Tulum..

Ejido land is another option for buying land in the jungle. Ejido land is land that is owned by the native people who have lived there for many generations. This land, given to the communities after the revolution as a means of maintaining themselves, largely through agriculture, has now sectioned and is available for sale in lots.

When buying land in Tulum from the Ejido, there is little extra paperwork to do and a few other fees to pay in order to transfer the property. This can easily be handled by a Notary Public and/or a Mexican attorney. A lawyer that is licensed within Mexico will be able to draw up contracts and review conditions of the sale and will be aware of all current laws within Mexico.

Living in the jungles of Tulum is proving to be as inviting a proposition for people choosing where to live as the idea of the beach paradise that typically brought people here in the first place. Discover the many areas of Tulum and the rich and inviting jungles that surround it. For information about properties for sale in and around Tulum, check our Tulum Real estate section for listings and commonly asked questions about buying property in Tulum.

Tulum Airport

Plans of the Tulum airport have circulated around the calm air of this quiet Caribbean town for the past several years. Almost as a myth that children learn from their grandparents, the Tulum airport remained this idea that was there but never really a possibility. That has all changed in the past year as plans have been set underway to create the new international airport in Tulum, coded TUY.

When traveling to Tulum from anywhere in the world it has been the custom to fly into Cancun and await the 2 hour journey that would bring you to Tulum. Many travelers keeping the secret of the perfect solitude of Tulum from their Cancun destined travel companions. But as the word has spread about the magic of this small little town the increase in visitors is following and the Tulum airport has begun to take shape.

The spot chosen for the airport covers an area of 1,070 hectares (2,644 acres) and north off the road to Coba. When looking up the coordinates with satellite imagery it is clear to see that preparations have already been underway to prepare for the 3.5km (2.2 miles) of runway that are to be laid out for the new international airport in Tulum.

The international airport has been met with mixed reactions from the people in the area. While it is sure to bring much attention and new business to the area, environmentalist worry about the impact of the local eco structure which has made Tulum such a magical spot and has already shown signs of negative effect by all of the new attention.

Since the airport seems a sure sign in the Tulum area, efforts have shifted to focused on growing this small Mayan town in a way that is responsible both financially as well environmentally. Successful city planning models from other large cities in Mexico are being used to shape the future of Tulum to create the best area possible.

Expectations for the amount of people who will be able to visit the beautiful Rivera Maya are reaching record numbers and the infrastructure of Tulum has begun to take shape to prepare for the some 3 million visitors that are expected to arrive via the new international Tulum airport. New roads and lights are going in all over the city and the site continues to be cleared for the cities new arrival.

The International airport in Tulum is expected to bring in a large amount of new jobs as well as new businesses in the area creating even more jobs and raising property values all over Tulum. It is a development that has been years in the making and is creating a hum like buzz all over the Rivera Maya.

New Tulum tourist Map

Anyone who has been in Tulum recently has seen how much it has changed. There are new hotels, restaurant and shops opening up every week. As visitors come back to Tulum they are finding themselves amazed by the new growth and changes that are happening up and down the beach road and all throughout pueblo. Those coming for the first time are finding much more then the sleepy Mayan town that Tulum was just a few years ago.

map of tulum

map of tulum

Navigating one’s way through Tulum has just gotten a whole lot easier. has had for quite a while the most comprehensive and widely distributed map in Tulum. These colorful maps detail all of the locations along the beach road and have a detailed map of pueblo and its ever growing streets and business that adorn them.

The latest version of the map, just recently printed some 40,000 copies strong, has already hit the streets of Tulum. Visitors and locals alike are eager to receive their copy. As this is the premier map of Tulum, in addition to all of the wonderful shops, restaurants and hotels that can be found on the map-visitors will also be able to locate pharmacies, banks, atms, internet cafes and gas stations as well as some of the great cenotes in the area.

The backside of the map is lined with snips of information telling visitors about the cenotes, the ruins and the beaches as well as a map of the Tulum Ruins and of the whole Yucatan peninsula complete with major roadways and ruin sites around the Yucatan.

This map is all a person needs to visit all of the wonderful areas of Tulum and the surrounding areas. As Tulum continues to grow Todo Tulum continues to reprint latest additions of the map reflecting the vibrantly changing town.. is thankful and proud to be working with so many wonderful companies around Tulum. Special thanks to Acuatic Tulum, Akiin Beach Club ,Arena Real Estate, Azafran, Café Expresso, Casa Pitusa, Casa Violeta, Coco cabanas, Cocopesa, Coldwell Banker , Confucion’s Shop, Delphinus, Divino Paraiso, Don Diego de la Playa, Don Diego de la Selva, El Captain, El Paraiso, El Tabano, Elemental, Hotel Kohunlich, Hotel Maya, Iguana Bike Shop, Jade, La Luna, La Lupita, Las Tres Palmas, Lo Nuestro , L’angoletto, L’Hotelito, Le Bistro, Luna Maya, Mexi Divers, Mixba Camping, Moloko, Ocho Tulum, Om, Oscar y Lalo, Paraiso del Caribe, Pequeño Buenos Aires, Piedra Escondida, Playa Azul, Posada 06, Posada del Sol, Posada Lamar, Posada Luna del Sur, Posada Yum Kin, Punta Piedra, Rancho Tranquilo, Residencia La Mariposa , Retiro Maya, Sagrado Corazon Tattoo, Savana Travel, Silver shop, Spa Movil, Squalo Surf Shop, Sushill-out, Suwus, Tierras del Sol, Teetotum, Tulum Wedding Destination, Trece Lunas, Uolis Nah, Villa Geminis, Villa de Luna, Villas H20, Villa Matisse, Visit Sian Ka’an Tours, Xel- Ha, Xibalba Dive Center.

And now, thanks to the latest addition of the Tulum map… visitors will know exactly where to find them. Pick up your copy of the newest and most comprehensive map of Tulum at any of the companies listed above.