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Life in the Tulum Jungle

What can be said for living in the jungles of Tulum…“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a lion sleeps tonight. In the jungle, the quiet jungle, a lion sleeps tonight.” Well, maybe not as many lions but many other jungle creatures living in the jungles of Tulum. Although the beaches of Tulum are as spectacular as you could get and the colors of the Caribbean are as bright one could imagine, these are not the only amazing areas of Tulum.
More and more people are starting to see the amazing beauty that lies under the awning of the lush tropical jungles that surround Tulum. Home to some of the most amazing animal and plant species found on Earth, the flourishing setting around Tulum draws and intoxicates visitors when they come.

The cool relief from the blazing Mexican sun that can be found under this rich canopy are causing wide spread interest for people choosing where to live. Although the beach paradise is usually the first dream that people think of, one trip into the jungle is showing a whole other side of Tulum that people are falling in love with.

There are many options when considering where and how to live in the jungles of Tulum. Small pueblos such as Macario Gomez and Francisco Umay offer a community full of wonderful people and a culture that is rare and spectacular. Just a few km from the beaches of the Tulum, these pueblos offer services, schools and shops and bring all of the conveniences of Tulum into the jungle.

Eco development projects throughout the jungle allow guests to buy a piece of land and a home built with certain specifications that reflect the mission of the project. Many of these projects utilize sustainable living materials, wind and solar power, bike paths etc. while still allowing guests the luxuries that accompany modern life. These projects have grown immensely in popularity over the past few years and more and more people are seeing the beauty of living an earth friendly life. This is even easier in the natural beauty that surrounds you when you live in the jungles of Tulum..

Ejido land is another option for buying land in the jungle. Ejido land is land that is owned by the native people who have lived there for many generations. This land, given to the communities after the revolution as a means of maintaining themselves, largely through agriculture, has now sectioned and is available for sale in lots.

When buying land in Tulum from the Ejido, there is little extra paperwork to do and a few other fees to pay in order to transfer the property. This can easily be handled by a Notary Public and/or a Mexican attorney. A lawyer that is licensed within Mexico will be able to draw up contracts and review conditions of the sale and will be aware of all current laws within Mexico.

Living in the jungles of Tulum is proving to be as inviting a proposition for people choosing where to live as the idea of the beach paradise that typically brought people here in the first place. Discover the many areas of Tulum and the rich and inviting jungles that surround it. For information about properties for sale in and around Tulum, check our Tulum Real estate section for listings and commonly asked questions about buying property in Tulum.

Real estate opportunities in Tulum

Real estate in Tulum has become increasingly more popular in the past several years and people from all over the world are seeing the benefits of owning property in Tulum. The plethora of opportunities for real estate in Tulum is making this small Mayan town receive international attention with both investors who know how to spot a good thing, as well as travelers and tourists that are coming to visit on day trips or short vacation and quickly begin dreaming of owning their own piece of paradise.

There are as many options for owning real estate in Tulum as the amount of people looking to own it.

For those who want to live in Tulum full or part time, houses and condos can be found all over the area to fit every price range and style. Tulum is a perfect location for couples, singles and families.

People with the desire for a luxurious 2nd home or a private vacation oasis can find beautiful villas up and down the beach road and all throughout the Tulum area. These stunning homes offer luxury and style in a tropical paradise setting.

Commercially owned buildings are seeing a large increase in occupancy as well as profit as many businesses, such as restaurants and shops, are rapidly moving into the area and leasing within these buildings.

What is so amazing about the real estate opportunities in Tulum is that from residential homes and condos to amazing vacation villas to vacant land on the beach or in the jungle, the investment opportunity of owning property in Tulum is consistently showing profit and promise with even better things on the horizon.

Tulum, a location known for its eco tourism and breathtaking beaches, was recently declared the newest municipality in the state of Quintana Roo. State and federal funds are entering the area to improve in the infrastructure, build new parks and help maintain the beaches. These improvements and the addition of a new international airport are sending the property values in Tulum higher and higher.

Whether renting homes or condos for the month, fully equipped apartments in town for the night or cabanas on the beach for the week- owning property in Tulum shows a return in more ways then one. For more information on the process of how to buy real estate in Tulum and a great listing of houses and lots for sale in Tulum visit our Tulum Real Estate page.