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Feliz Navidad y Feliz año Nuevo Tulum!!!

Tulum was in high style this year for the holiday season.  The remarkable changes in our little town over the last year made this holidays events better then ever. 

The new central plaza was the center stage for countless performances from talented locals.  With music, dance and  cultural activities  circulating the plaza and fair grounds, visitors to Tulum were not disappointed with the array of entertainment.   The parks remained full with children playing on all of the new playground equipment and teams played various sports with all of the sounds of the fair in the background.  The streets were alive with Christmas in Tulum.

From romantic, quiet dinners at beautiful restaurants up and down the beach to the late night traditional celebrations in the neighborhoods around pueblo- families and friends shared the holidays in a fashion perfectly befitting this small piece of paradise.  Tulum’s small open bars and clubs staged the perfect meeting point for friends to celebrate together.

The New Year’s Celebrations in Tulum had a little something for everyone.  With amazing djs and musicians able to be found at just about every fantastic place in Tulum, locals and travelers alike rang in the new year to the sounds of great beats, with tantalizing libations in their hands.

What next year’s holiday season will bring is any ones guess but it promises to be a very positive year.