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Tulum map – new edition for 2009 by todotulum.com

The new edition of the Map of Tulum is available at the best best hotels, restaurants and establishments in and around Tulum. the Tulum map has been updated to accommodate all the new businesses that have open this year in town. they have been many changes in Tulum this year: New hotels and restaurants have opened, some have renewed completely, others have disappeared, there are many new beach clubs and bars with live music and Dj’s from all over the world. Services for tours in Tulum have greatly expanded too, bringing new ways to discover Tulum such as Atv, Buggys, Jeeps and also horseback riding and more. the new map of Tulum by todotulum.com gives you the location of all the hotels, restaurants, establishments and services in Tulum, This Tulum map is as always the most complete and up to date map of tulum.

the new tulum mexico map

A preview of the upcoming printed map of tulum, this is the most accurate and complete map of tulum, we will print 20.000 copies of this maps every 2 months, you’ll find it at our clients locations and at selected places around Tulum and the Riviera Maya, The digital version of the map will be available as a download directly from www.todotulum.com . All the beach and downtown tulum hotels, the restaurants, the shops, bars, etc.. are listed.