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World Cup Football- Mexico vs. France – What a great game!

World Cup in Mexico is a very serious event.  World Cup in Tulum reflects this countries dedication to their team!  Usually it is the blues of the Caribbean Sea that get the most notice here in Tulum.  But during World Cup 2010, it is the sea of green jerseys that fill the streets and beach that is taking center stage.  Football is in the air and the games can be heard blasting from television sets all over Tulum.

Most recently Mexico played France in World Cup 2010.   It was a fantastic game in which Mexico dominated the field.  There was a lot of offense played by Mexico and some smart footwork by some amazing players.  It was a tense first half as both teams did not score during the first 45 minutes of the game.  During the second half of Mexico vs. France, Mexico pulled ahead by 2 great goals.

The first goal of Mexico vs. France was scored by Javier Hernandez in the 64th minute of the 2nd half of the game.  Hernandez comes from a World Cup family as his grandfather also played in the World Cup.  His grandson followed in his footsteps scoring a perfect shot, just as he had done in World Cup 1954.

Just as the crowd had calmed their cheers and chants for the goal scored by Hernandez, Blanco followed with another great shot.  With a long run up the field the Blanco scored a strong shot to the left side to screaming fans.  In the 79th minute Mexico had pulled their score to a strong 2-0 lead.

Now it was Mexico’s defense that had their turn to shine. Playing an amazing game, Mexico never gave France the opportunity to take back the advantage.  Continuing with a strong and hard defense, Mexico kept the lead and won the game 2-0.

All of Tulum is waiting for the next match on Tuesday against Uruguay. It promises to be a great game and you can bet the attention will be off the beach for a little while and back onto the TV screen.  Where locals and tourists alike will be cheering on the Red- White and Green!


Mother’s Day – A wonderful Mexican Holiday

As Mother’s Day comes to a close here in Mexico, the central square of  Tulum is filled with children running around the playground, men selling everything from flowers to ice cream and special performances that honor their mother’s are being performed all over town. This holiday in Tulum captures the spirit and love that Mexican families hold for the women in their lives.

The Mexican holiday of Mother’s day is celebrated on May 10th, regardless of what day of the week it may fall on. Mexico has always held a special respect for the mothers that created the sons and daughters of Mexico.  This culture, which largely celebrates the Blessed Virgin Mary, continues with the tradition of feminine worship on this special day as well.

This Mexican holiday is well earned as Mothers in traditional Mexican households work in all areas of the home.   They are the first ones up and the last ones to go to bed.  From the early morning hours, mothers are prepping the needed items for the day, getting school uniforms ready for their children and making breakfast.  Once kids are off to their respective schools work turns to matters of the house.  Cleaning and cooking, preparing salsas and masa and doing any needed chores.  After school, mothers are once again busy helping with homework and preparing for the next meal and cleaning the uniforms for the next day.

With all of the work that mother’s do it is no wonder that a culture that values women so much erupts with activity on the day designed to honor them.  This holiday in Tulum is bustling with life and activity.

As the evening hours come, the plazas come alive with kids and families ready to enjoy the vast array of activities that sprout around them.  Vendors selling food, candies and flowers ring bells as they enter and the kids announce themselves with shouts of joy.  The mothers converge in the corner and begin the gossip of the day.

This is a traditional way to celebrate a holiday in Mexico.   Families and friends come together to celebrate with food and drink and enjoy each other’s company.  Beautiful bouquets of flowers are being arranged on street corners all over town.  These beautiful gifts warm the hearts of the Mother’s of Mexico and in turn those that gave them.  This Mexican holiday is one of honor and respect and this year was no exception.

Feliz dia de las Madrés!  Happy Mother’s Day !