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Feliz Navidad y Feliz año Nuevo Tulum!!!

Tulum was in high style this year for the holiday season.  The remarkable changes in our little town over the last year made this holidays events better then ever. 

The new central plaza was the center stage for countless performances from talented locals.  With music, dance and  cultural activities  circulating the plaza and fair grounds, visitors to Tulum were not disappointed with the array of entertainment.   The parks remained full with children playing on all of the new playground equipment and teams played various sports with all of the sounds of the fair in the background.  The streets were alive with Christmas in Tulum.

From romantic, quiet dinners at beautiful restaurants up and down the beach to the late night traditional celebrations in the neighborhoods around pueblo- families and friends shared the holidays in a fashion perfectly befitting this small piece of paradise.  Tulum’s small open bars and clubs staged the perfect meeting point for friends to celebrate together.

The New Year’s Celebrations in Tulum had a little something for everyone.  With amazing djs and musicians able to be found at just about every fantastic place in Tulum, locals and travelers alike rang in the new year to the sounds of great beats, with tantalizing libations in their hands.

What next year’s holiday season will bring is any ones guess but it promises to be a very positive year.

New Todotulum Website – Now Packed with Features and Priceless Information

Looking for the right Tulum hotels has just become a lot easier. Thanks to the new improved Todotulum.com. The website features a smorgasbord of information about anything that‘s happening in Tulum. Complete with a fresh and vivid design, the site allows tourists to get familiar with the town even before they come for a visit. And information posted on the website is not exclusive to tourists alone. Even investors who plan to buy real estate in this part of Quintana Roo in Mexico can get a glimpse on what is happening in the local properties market via real estate agents and news available at Todotulum.

With the new design comes faster navigation and new sections that contain details about the many aspects of the town, from important sights to water activities. Still, the best part about the site is its complete list of Tulum hotels. This time, the list is enhanced by an enumeration of each hotel’s number of rooms, amenities, accommodation rates, and customer reviews. Also, choosing the perfect hotel will not be left to chance as picture galleries can vividly show what a particular hotel has in store for guests. The hotels on the list also share videos and direct links to their own websites.

The featured Tulum hotels are still provided with online reservation forms. But this time, the reservation system has also been enhanced in the new Todotulum.com. Visitors need not worry about not being able to book any room or even lining up at the front desk. The reservation form on the website can guarantee accommodation of your choice in Tulum. Plus, visitors who have been to the place can share their personal Tulum-related blog entries via the new website’s blog section. How’s that for an unbiased review of hotels?

Apart from Tulum hotels, the new website also introduces more information about activities that tourists can do while spending their holiday in town. New details about diving, kiteboarding, snorkeling, and other water sport activities will teach guests how to make their vacation more adventurous and exciting. Of course, there are also updates on the ancient Mayan ruins that have made Tulum a haven for archaeologists and tourists alike. The website has also included a comprehensive map of the town center, the Mayan ruins and the beach hotels. So, first time tourists will really feel that they are familiar and at home with this Caribbean spot. Lastly, Todotulum.com now has a sizeable gallery of panoramic pictures that show what it’s like to experience the tranquility of Tulum.