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Restaurants in Tulum- What and where to eat in Tulum!

Restaurants in Tulum have nature’s freshest ingredients to choose from when creating their signature dishes. Sitting on the edge of the shinning Caribbean Sea allows floods of wonderful seafood into Tulum. Early every morning you can see the fisherman bring their daily catch to the pescaderias (fish markets) into town and soon many restaurant owners and head chefs journey over to pick out their choices. The freshness of the seafood here cannot be beat and is a focal point of many restaurants in Tulum.

Many Tulum restaurants reflect the spirit and flavors of traditional Mayan dishes. You can find wonderful recipes that have been passed down for generations. As people from all over Mexico have moved into the area- a variety of Mexican dishes have come with them. Charlie’s is one of the many restaurants in Tulum where you can find traditional Mexican dishes from all regions of the country.

In addition to the wonderful local cuisine found at many Tulum restaurants, there are also a number of international restaurants in Tulum both on the beach road as well as in pueblo (town). Cuisines ranging from the exquisitely prepared French fare at the Le Bistro served in a quaint sidewalk café style restaurant to Buenos Aires, an Argentinean steak house, another restaurant in Tulum loved by tourists and locals alike, perfect for sipping a cocktail and watching the world go by.

The proximity to local farms in the area allows for fresh produce from the community to be the ingredients that Tulum restaurants use to take your food choices to the next level. The tropical fruits have such sweet flavor and have been picked at the peak of perfection, making their flavor amazing.

The avocados that are rolled gently into the sushi at Sushill-Out, a wonderful sushi restaurant in Tulum, have a creamy texture found only in freshly picked avocados and have a flavor that is powerful and unmistakable. This small sushi restaurant located just off the main avenue has some of the best sushi in the Yucatan and it is served in a hip black and red décor with lively music playing in the background.

No matter which restaurant in Tulum you choose to eat at, your dish will be full of fresh local ingredients and will reflect the diverse and lively environment that is Tulum, Mexico. Check out our website to find out more information about all of the diverse restaurants in Tulum.