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Mother’s Day – A wonderful Mexican Holiday

As Mother’s Day comes to a close here in Mexico, the central square of  Tulum is filled with children running around the playground, men selling everything from flowers to ice cream and special performances that honor their mother’s are being performed all over town. This holiday in Tulum captures the spirit and love that Mexican families hold for the women in their lives.

The Mexican holiday of Mother’s day is celebrated on May 10th, regardless of what day of the week it may fall on. Mexico has always held a special respect for the mothers that created the sons and daughters of Mexico.  This culture, which largely celebrates the Blessed Virgin Mary, continues with the tradition of feminine worship on this special day as well.

This Mexican holiday is well earned as Mothers in traditional Mexican households work in all areas of the home.   They are the first ones up and the last ones to go to bed.  From the early morning hours, mothers are prepping the needed items for the day, getting school uniforms ready for their children and making breakfast.  Once kids are off to their respective schools work turns to matters of the house.  Cleaning and cooking, preparing salsas and masa and doing any needed chores.  After school, mothers are once again busy helping with homework and preparing for the next meal and cleaning the uniforms for the next day.

With all of the work that mother’s do it is no wonder that a culture that values women so much erupts with activity on the day designed to honor them.  This holiday in Tulum is bustling with life and activity.

As the evening hours come, the plazas come alive with kids and families ready to enjoy the vast array of activities that sprout around them.  Vendors selling food, candies and flowers ring bells as they enter and the kids announce themselves with shouts of joy.  The mothers converge in the corner and begin the gossip of the day.

This is a traditional way to celebrate a holiday in Mexico.   Families and friends come together to celebrate with food and drink and enjoy each other’s company.  Beautiful bouquets of flowers are being arranged on street corners all over town.  These beautiful gifts warm the hearts of the Mother’s of Mexico and in turn those that gave them.  This Mexican holiday is one of honor and respect and this year was no exception.

Feliz dia de las Madrés!  Happy Mother’s Day !

New Tulum tourist Map

Anyone who has been in Tulum recently has seen how much it has changed. There are new hotels, restaurant and shops opening up every week. As visitors come back to Tulum they are finding themselves amazed by the new growth and changes that are happening up and down the beach road and all throughout pueblo. Those coming for the first time are finding much more then the sleepy Mayan town that Tulum was just a few years ago.

map of tulum

map of tulum

Navigating one’s way through Tulum has just gotten a whole lot easier. Todotulum.com has had for quite a while the most comprehensive and widely distributed map in Tulum. These colorful maps detail all of the locations along the beach road and have a detailed map of pueblo and its ever growing streets and business that adorn them.

The latest version of the map, just recently printed some 40,000 copies strong, has already hit the streets of Tulum. Visitors and locals alike are eager to receive their copy. As this is the premier map of Tulum, in addition to all of the wonderful shops, restaurants and hotels that can be found on the map-visitors will also be able to locate pharmacies, banks, atms, internet cafes and gas stations as well as some of the great cenotes in the area.

The backside of the map is lined with snips of information telling visitors about the cenotes, the ruins and the beaches as well as a map of the Tulum Ruins and of the whole Yucatan peninsula complete with major roadways and ruin sites around the Yucatan.

This map is all a person needs to visit all of the wonderful areas of Tulum and the surrounding areas. As Tulum continues to grow Todo Tulum continues to reprint latest additions of the map reflecting the vibrantly changing town..

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And now, thanks to the latest addition of the Tulum map… visitors will know exactly where to find them. Pick up your copy of the newest and most comprehensive map of Tulum at any of the companies listed above.

Real estate opportunities in Tulum

Real estate in Tulum has become increasingly more popular in the past several years and people from all over the world are seeing the benefits of owning property in Tulum. The plethora of opportunities for real estate in Tulum is making this small Mayan town receive international attention with both investors who know how to spot a good thing, as well as travelers and tourists that are coming to visit on day trips or short vacation and quickly begin dreaming of owning their own piece of paradise.

There are as many options for owning real estate in Tulum as the amount of people looking to own it.

For those who want to live in Tulum full or part time, houses and condos can be found all over the area to fit every price range and style. Tulum is a perfect location for couples, singles and families.

People with the desire for a luxurious 2nd home or a private vacation oasis can find beautiful villas up and down the beach road and all throughout the Tulum area. These stunning homes offer luxury and style in a tropical paradise setting.

Commercially owned buildings are seeing a large increase in occupancy as well as profit as many businesses, such as restaurants and shops, are rapidly moving into the area and leasing within these buildings.

What is so amazing about the real estate opportunities in Tulum is that from residential homes and condos to amazing vacation villas to vacant land on the beach or in the jungle, the investment opportunity of owning property in Tulum is consistently showing profit and promise with even better things on the horizon.

Tulum, a location known for its eco tourism and breathtaking beaches, was recently declared the newest municipality in the state of Quintana Roo. State and federal funds are entering the area to improve in the infrastructure, build new parks and help maintain the beaches. These improvements and the addition of a new international airport are sending the property values in Tulum higher and higher.

Whether renting homes or condos for the month, fully equipped apartments in town for the night or cabanas on the beach for the week- owning property in Tulum shows a return in more ways then one. For more information on the process of how to buy real estate in Tulum and a great listing of houses and lots for sale in Tulum visit our Tulum Real Estate page.

Restaurants in Tulum- What and where to eat in Tulum!

Restaurants in Tulum have nature’s freshest ingredients to choose from when creating their signature dishes. Sitting on the edge of the shinning Caribbean Sea allows floods of wonderful seafood into Tulum. Early every morning you can see the fisherman bring their daily catch to the pescaderias (fish markets) into town and soon many restaurant owners and head chefs journey over to pick out their choices. The freshness of the seafood here cannot be beat and is a focal point of many restaurants in Tulum.

Many Tulum restaurants reflect the spirit and flavors of traditional Mayan dishes. You can find wonderful recipes that have been passed down for generations. As people from all over Mexico have moved into the area- a variety of Mexican dishes have come with them. Charlie’s is one of the many restaurants in Tulum where you can find traditional Mexican dishes from all regions of the country.

In addition to the wonderful local cuisine found at many Tulum restaurants, there are also a number of international restaurants in Tulum both on the beach road as well as in pueblo (town). Cuisines ranging from the exquisitely prepared French fare at the Le Bistro served in a quaint sidewalk café style restaurant to Buenos Aires, an Argentinean steak house, another restaurant in Tulum loved by tourists and locals alike, perfect for sipping a cocktail and watching the world go by.

The proximity to local farms in the area allows for fresh produce from the community to be the ingredients that Tulum restaurants use to take your food choices to the next level. The tropical fruits have such sweet flavor and have been picked at the peak of perfection, making their flavor amazing.

The avocados that are rolled gently into the sushi at Sushill-Out, a wonderful sushi restaurant in Tulum, have a creamy texture found only in freshly picked avocados and have a flavor that is powerful and unmistakable. This small sushi restaurant located just off the main avenue has some of the best sushi in the Yucatan and it is served in a hip black and red décor with lively music playing in the background.

No matter which restaurant in Tulum you choose to eat at, your dish will be full of fresh local ingredients and will reflect the diverse and lively environment that is Tulum, Mexico. Check out our website to find out more information about all of the diverse restaurants in Tulum.

Weddings in Tulum: An Exotic Way to Exchange Your Vows

Weddings in Tulum are far from the traditional and ordinary. Since you are going to say your vows to a very special person, you might as well do your wedding celebration in a unique and exciting place as well as in an extraordinary and remarkable manner. Saying your “I dos” in a more solemn but non-traditional way will really express how much you feel for your loved one and it will also make the affair more special and unforgettable. Besides, you really do not have to worry about exchanging your vows of love in Tulum because there are wedding and events coordinators in the area who are not only experts when it comes to such special celebrations, but are also used to working within a budget and at shorter amount of allotted time.

More and more people are considering having their weddings in Tulum for a variety of reasons. For one, Tulum is such a beautiful and romantic place that is ideal for honeymooners. Who would not want to express their vows of unending love underneath palm trees and on a white sandy beach? Another reason for the popularity of Tulum as a dream-wedding destination is the affordability of accommodations, restaurants, and even wedding planners in the area. You really do not have to break the bank just to experience your one of a kind wedding. Besides, instead of spending so much on the reception and giveaways, you can just splurge on things that matter, such as a longer honeymoon or bigger and more expensive wedding rings.

As mentioned earlier, weddings in Tulum are one of a kind. If you are more of a traditional type, you can probably have a civil wedding on the beach. For those who are experimental, having a Mayan or spiritual wedding can also be arranged. Couples who want to be thrilled can also request an underwater wedding or ceremony on the famous cenotes that are abundant in Tulum. Whatever your type of wedding is, you can probably have it in this beautiful place in Mexico.

Lastly, planning weddings in Tulum can be a breeze. Just make sure that you hire Tulum wedding coordinators or event planners so you would not have to worry about anything. These people are usually accustomed to planning the entire celebration, from bachelor parties to rehearsal dinners, to finding reception areas and providing giveaways for guests. So, if want your wedding to be special, fun, and unforgettable, you better do it in Tulum.