Tulum Airport

Plans of the Tulum airport have circulated around the calm air of this quiet Caribbean town for the past several years. Almost as a myth that children learn from their grandparents, the Tulum airport remained this idea that was there but never really a possibility. That has all changed in the past year as plans have been set underway to create the new international airport in Tulum, coded TUY.

When traveling to Tulum from anywhere in the world it has been the custom to fly into Cancun and await the 2 hour journey that would bring you to Tulum. Many travelers keeping the secret of the perfect solitude of Tulum from their Cancun destined travel companions. But as the word has spread about the magic of this small little town the increase in visitors is following and the Tulum airport has begun to take shape.

The spot chosen for the airport covers an area of 1,070 hectares (2,644 acres) and north off the road to Coba. When looking up the coordinates with satellite imagery it is clear to see that preparations have already been underway to prepare for the 3.5km (2.2 miles) of runway that are to be laid out for the new international airport in Tulum.

The international airport has been met with mixed reactions from the people in the area. While it is sure to bring much attention and new business to the area, environmentalist worry about the impact of the local eco structure which has made Tulum such a magical spot and has already shown signs of negative effect by all of the new attention.

Since the airport seems a sure sign in the Tulum area, efforts have shifted to focused on growing this small Mayan town in a way that is responsible both financially as well environmentally. Successful city planning models from other large cities in Mexico are being used to shape the future of Tulum to create the best area possible.

Expectations for the amount of people who will be able to visit the beautiful Rivera Maya are reaching record numbers and the infrastructure of Tulum has begun to take shape to prepare for the some 3 million visitors that are expected to arrive via the new international Tulum airport. New roads and lights are going in all over the city and the site continues to be cleared for the cities new arrival.

The International airport in Tulum is expected to bring in a large amount of new jobs as well as new businesses in the area creating even more jobs and raising property values all over Tulum. It is a development that has been years in the making and is creating a hum like buzz all over the Rivera Maya.